DATE:                                November Monday 14th to Sunday 20th
NOTABLE CATCH:        11 trout for Mr D Ashburn from Egremont and 10 trout for David Harrison.
NOTABLE BAG               4 fish for 13lbs 8oz to Ian Stanworth from Blackpool
BEST RAINBOW:           5lbs 12oz to Ian Stanworth, 5lbs 8oz to W G Newman from Blackburn and 5lbs 8oz to M Armstrong from Whitehaven
BEST BROWN:                4lbs 14oz Tom Prescott from Ormskirk and 4lbs 8oz Phil Bisgrove from Morecambe.
BEST BLUE:                     3lbs Mr A Gysbers from Worston
ROD AV:                         3.93 fish per man.

Sport: Bank House has continued to fish really well. The methods are mixed at the moment with the best catches split between lures and buzzers. The stamp of trout being caught is excellent; the average weight of each trout caught this week was 2lbs 12oz.
Mr D Ashburn from Egremont switched between blobs, buzzers and egg flies to take 11 trout and David Harrison took 10 fish on buzzers fished under the bung. Several other anglers landed 9 trout but two worth a mention were Mr W G Newman from Blackburn and Mr B Kay from Blackpool. Mr Newman’s nine fish haul included a cracking 5lb 8oz rainbow and his best pattern was the trusty old cat’s whisker. Mr Kay was the only angler of the week to catch the Bank House McNab (catching a rainbow, a blue and brownie on the same day) he used a green lure but also found success with orange. During this coming week we will be stocking some lovely tiger trout so the McNab will include four trout types. I can say that all four types of trout will be present in number. Can anyone catch all four in one day?
The best bag of four fish was 13lbs 8oz and was caught by Ian Stanworth on buzzers. Ian’s best area was the Mill Pool. Two brownies over 4lbs were taken the first was a fish of 4lbs 8oz by Phil Bisgrove on a Damsel, the second weighed 4lbs 14oz and was tempted to a Cats whisker by Tom Prescott. I was a little surprised that no doubles were caught this week, there were stories of the one that got away and some anglers were broken by what seemed to be very large fish. Let see what this next week brings. Tight Lines Ben and Charlotte