Bank House Fly Fishery: Monday Nov 21st – Sunday Nov 27th

DATE:                                November Monday 21st to Sunday 27th
NOTABLE CATCH:         7 trout for Mr C Clayton from Wigan and 6 trout Mr Eric Simpson
BEST RAINBOW:           9lbs 14oz Dave Lee, 6lbs J K Lowrie and 6lb Mr S Court
BEST BROWN:               5lbs to Mr Vince Williams from Heysham
BEST BLUE:                    4lbs to Mr P M Boden from St Helens
BEST TIGER                   2lbs 8oz Vince Williams and Steve Bland
ROD AV:                          2.3 fish per man.

Sport: Once again the average size of fish caught this week has been exceptional at 3lbs 2oz. No one quite managed to complete the McNab but a few have been close. Vince Williams had a lovely bag of trout on Saturday. His catch included two rainbows one at 3lbs and one at 4lbs, a brownie of 5lbs and a tiger trout 2lbs 8oz. He just needed a blue but he only had the morning and eventually the time got the better of him. Vince fished a mini cats lure ultra-slowly on a floating line. Mr J K Lowrie also came close. His bag included a 6lb rainbow, 3lb 8oz brownie and small blue trout of 1lb 12oz. he just couldn’t find the tiger. His best fly was an Invicta.
During the early part of the week we had some heavy rain, this put a peaty tinge into, what was, crystal clear water. The rain was also quite cold and this made the fishing more difficult at the beginning of the week. (Reflected the in the lower rod average) During this time patterns with fluorescent colours incorporated in them scored well. Mr C Clayton caught his seven trout on a bright yellow buzzer pattern. It also paid to slow down the retrieve or fish completely static, a