Bank House Fly Fishery: Dec 27th to Jan 10th 2013

DATE                         Dec 27th – Thursday Jan 10th 2013
BEST CATCH           19 trout for Mr B Garner from Cumbria
BEST BAG OF 4       4 fish for 20lbs Mr B Garner
BEST RAINBOW      12lbs to David Uff from London, 11lbs 3oz to David McCabe from Lytham, 11lbs to Mr M Mills from Carnforth.
BEST BROWN          10lbs 8oz to Ray sanders from Hyde, 8lbs to Ricky Newbolt from Bay Horse and 7lbs 8oz to P Ashworth from Fleetwood
BEST BLUE                 5lbs to Mr B Garner, 4lbs to Ricky Newbolt, Ian Stanworth, Brian Wigan and Mr D Ross
BEST TIGER               4lbs 8oz to Liam Gaskell
ROD AVERAGE         4.01 fish per angler
SPORT: We have continued to fish well and seem to be getting better and better. There are tigers, browns, rainbows and blues coming out at the moment, although nobody over the Christmas period managed to complete the McNab. Lots of anglers got stuck on three different species though. On Wednesday 9th Mr B Garner was one such angler, he a total of nineteen trout mainly on a Pink Apps worm fished back slowly on a floater. He caught Rainbows and Blues to 5lbs and Browns to 3lbs but couldn’t find a tiger. Liam Gaskell was another angler who got stuck on three species He caught a lovely Tiger of 4lbs 8oz, followed it with a brown and a rainbow but couldn’t find blue. I thought he was going to do it, as there are a lot of blues are coming out at the moment, but it wasn’t to be.
David McCabe (Pictured below) has been up to his usual tricks again with a cracking 11lb 3oz rainbow caught on a Damsel fished in the Lodge Pool. David also caught a 3lb brownie, a blue and several other rainbows.
Several methods are working well at the moment including lures, nymphs and sight indicators. The best patterns for each method are as follows.
Lures: Damsels, Cats Whiskers, Apps Worms and Minkies.
Nymphs: Olive Buzzers, UV Crunchers and Red Holo Crunchers.
Under the Indicator: Chartreuse Eggs, Pink Eggs and Okey Dokeys.  Tight Lines Ben

Ps Don’t Forget Stocks Re-Open on Saturday February 23rd. Also If you would like to enter the Iain Barr Airflo Bank Championship, which is coming to Bank House on Sunday february 10th give me a call on 01200 446602. Cheers Ben

David McCabe caught his second double figuire rainbow on a Damsel in the Lodge Pool.