Bank House Fly Fishery: Oct 28th – Nov 3rd

Date:                        October 28th – November 3rd
Report by:                Ben
Best catch:              21 trout for Dave Watts from Chorley
Best bag of four:       4  trout for 11lbs
Best rainbow:            5lbs for Mr S Sharpe from Derbyshire
best brown:               5lbs for David Harrison from Lytham
best blue:                 3.5lbs for Mr Hogg, Mr J Bancroft and Frank Hartley
Rod Av:                    6.9 fish per man
Sport:                       After a tricky period in October, where a series of dificult days had brought rod average down to 3.5, the fishing has really picked up again. David Harrison from Lytham has been on incredable form he has caught 55 fish in his last 3 visits and interestingly he seemed to score well during the tricky periods. On his best day he took 26. How is he doing this? Well apart from good angling he likes to use small beaded buzzers under a bung. If he is not catching he alters the depth until he starts getting the takes, he then finds the best colour. Somtetimes he finds the trout prefer black beads, sometimes yellow beads and often white beads. Dave Watt also had a whopping score with 21 trout to the net, Dave caught his fish on egg flies and cats whiskers. He found the most productive areas to be The Swim, The Mill Pool and the new island. We are now seeing good catches on immatitive patterns as well. Darren Mayor took 12 trout on buzzers and Ken Whiteside took 15 trout on bloodworm. Today (3rd) the washing line worked well for Ashley Horsley he took 9 trout including rainbows, browns and blues. The trick was to fish a small eyed booby on the point that wasn’t bouyant enough to stay afloat. It was pulled under by a heavy buzzer fished close by on a dropper and as it slowly sunk down it proved irrestable to the huingry trout. During October the trout seemed to shoal up around the mill pool area but they are now spreading out well, today we saw fish caught from all over the lake.
Tight Lines Ben