BANK HOUSE FLY FISHERY: Sept 14th to Sept 23rd

Date:                                             Sept 14th to Sept 23rd    Report by Ben
Best Rainbow                           16lbs caught by Tim Hudders
Best Brown                               7lbs caught by Mr P Baines
Heaviest 4 fish                        4 fish for 35lbs by Colin Gibbons
Best Catch (No. Fish)           12 fish for Steve Carter
Rod Average                          3.33 fish per angler

Sport: Bank House has fished really well over the last week or so with a variety of methods producing good bags of fish. The trout are mainly feeding on small black buzzers that have been hatching off at regular intervals. But they are also taking a variety terrestrials that are falling with the autumn leaves and sedges that have been emerging mainly in the evenings. The variety of food stuffs available may explain why such a variety of different methods are working. I have been targeting the buzzer feeders with a variation of the washing line rig. A small black dry such as a Griffith Gnat replaces the usual booby on the point and small black buzzers take the dropper places. If the gnat on the point sinks that I just try to fish it static as it slowly sinks through the water. This is a deadly method that will probably continue work well throughout the winter months.
The best catch taken over the last week was caught by Steve Carter who used a completely different tactic. Steve used a bibio blob to pull the trout away from their regular food supply and it was very effective. Steve found feeding trout under patches of floating leaves. However they were difficult to target as his flies were easily lost amongst the litter. The disturbance made by a bushy fly, like the bibio blob, pulled back just under the surface was too much for 12 fine trout to resist and many others considered it as they chased it in.
The best bag was taken by Colin Gibbons whose first fish of the day tipped the scales to 14lbs content with his first Bank House double Colin returned to the water to take a second trout of 13lbs 8oz! He then added to more rainbows of 4lbs 8oz and 3lbs to lift his four fish bag weight to a staggering 35lbs! Colin’s bumper bag fell to mini cats whisker and sunk daddy long legs. Colin caught two of the 7 double figure trout to be caught since September 14th.

Tight Lines Ben