Bank House: April 1st – April 23rd

Date                               April 1st to April 23rd
Report by                   Ben
Best Catch                  32 trout for Mr R Taylor from Leyland
Best Rainbow           16lbs for Mr Duncan Cannon
Best Brown               8lbs for Mr B Little from Carlisle
Rod Average            4.2 fish per man
Sport: Bank House has fished really well over the past three weeks. The water visibility is very good so a stealthy approach has paid off. It is possible to actually sneak round the water and do a spot of stalking at the moment. Buzzer and bloodworm have both fished well, either on a long line, under the bung, or my personal favourite, on a washing line rig. The best catch by Mr Taylor was caught on the ever-effective cat’s whisker.
Over the last couple of days we have seen a change with daddy long legs and CDC buzzers have taking some cracking catches and sub surface damsels have scored well. If you fancy a go on the dries a couple of my favourite patterns for Bank House are Whikham’s Fancy and Cochy Bondu. I had a quick dip net into margins and the lakebed is wick with aquatic insects. The most abundant species were, caddis nymphs, bloodworm, alder fly larva, chironomid larva, damsel nymphs, freshwater shrimps and corixa. Alderfly larva are particularly numerous so for those that tie it might be worth tying up an imitation or two. Lastly, we stocked some belting fish today check out the photos below. Tight Lines Ben