Bank House: February 18th to February 25th

Date:     February 18th to 25th Report by Ben
Best Rainbow    13lbs for Mr J Waghorn
Heaviest 4 fish    13lbs 4oz Mr D McAllister
Best Catch (No. Fish)    19 trout for Mr David Harrison
Rod Average    3.7 fish per man

Sport: Bank House has fished well over the last week. The stats above don’t really show the full story as there has been a lot of big fish returned on sporting tickets. We have been getting quite a few over-wintered brownies caught and returned, the best of which was estimated around the14lb mark. Lytham’s ever consistent Mr David Harrison took the best catch of the week with 19 trout. David kept on the move working his way around the fishery with a cat’s whisker fished on an intermediate line. On this day (24th) the fish were in the mood for chasing and it was a fast strip retrieve that did most damage. Joe Spence from Lancaster used a similar method to take 16 trout just a few days earlier.
As the water in Bank House turns over every 48hrs or so, it responds very quickly to changes in the weather and the water temperature can fluctuate quite considerably over the course of a week. This means that the trout’s behaviour changes too so it important to vary your retrieve and the depth that your flies are fishing until you find the killer method. Last week in the calm conditions we even had some great catches on small black dries! I will be stocking some more specimens before the weekend so the sport should be exciting. Finally Ken Whiteside also had a good catch last week, he took 15 fine trout on a fly he calls the bugs bunny. I have no idea what that looks like so “that’s all folks” tight lines Ben