Bank House has continued to fish well over this period with a rod average of 3.85 fish per angler, which is pretty good considering how popular our 4hr and 5hr tickets are.
The best catch was a whopping score of twenty fish caught by Mr M Peter from Overton. He caught both rainbows and browns on a cats whisker fritz lure, and to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he returned a week later to catch a further ten on the same method.
Mr F MacMaster from Liverpool caught 12 rainbows up to 4lbs on a bloodworm however there’s always more than one way to skin a cat, as Tom Smith also got into double figures on the same day using blobs.
Ricki Newbolt finished this period with a catch of eight trout on damsel patterns and his catch included a belting brownie of 6lbs.
We saw two other 6lb+ brown trout caught. The first was caught by L Bell from Chipping on a dry, the second by L T Tichy from Liverpool; his fish took a pattern fished static under a bung.
I have mentioned quite a few different flies and methods, as is always the case when reporting on a period spanning several days. To quote Stock’s guide and angling extraordinaire Paul Bebb: “It’s all on the day” Very true that is too.
At Bank House at the moment, as well as the flies mentioned above, buzzers and dries have also accounted for some good bags of fish, especially over the last couple of days.
There are also loads of Dace fry that are about an inch and a half long now. I have seen big trout ploughing into them causing them to quickly scatter across the surface. Some trout are obviously feeding on them and I would wager that the big brownies will take their fair share at dusk and overnight. I haven’t heard of anyone fishing big fry patterns though. They might just be worth a chuck. Tight Lines Ben