Stocks: The 2014 Dry Lines & October so far.

September 28th to October 18th
On September 28th we held the Stocks Dry Lines competition. In this popular match there is a break for lunch and the morning and afternoon sessions are treated as two separate matches. The overall champion however is the angler that is most consistent over both sessions. The fishing wasn’t easy with a rod average of 1.1 for the day. The top rod and 2014 Champion Alistair Beaumont who caught three fish in the morning and one in the afternoon. Alistair fished a hot head damsel along the margins in Hollins and around Gull Island. This is the third time he has won this event, which is excellent angling. The winner of the morning session was Bernard McBride and the afternoon session was Ian Greenwood. Also in the prizes were John Turner, Mark Tyndall, Jim Rigby and Terry Chippendale. See pic below
October: The fishing has continued to be very tricky; the best methods have been dries in the calm areas around Black House Bay, Gull Island, Hollins Bay, Grindy’s and Bell Point
We are still seeing black buzzers and sedges emerging, which has surprised me because the water level has remained very low. When the wind drops away the trout are rising and picking out the small black flies but are not easy to tempt.
There are loads of mountain minnows around the jetty area and around most of the margins, the trout are feeding on them so black and gold lures or minkies are well worth a swim.

NB*Starting from tomorrow (Sunday October19th) until the end of the season (November Saturday 15th) we will be allowing worm and spin as well as the usual fly fishing.

Bank House Fly Fishery is currently fishing very well with good mixed bags of browns, blues and rainbows being caught. The best methods are spider patterns fished back just under the surface, apps worms stripped at pace, twiddled hot head damsels or, if the conditions suit, dries with small black patterns scoring well. Tight Lines Ben