Bank House Fly Fishery News

It is a beautiful time of year on beautiful water.
This season big quality specimen trout are going to be a major feature of the fishery. We have had rainbows to 18lbs caught over the winter period and now big specimen browns and blues have been added to the mix. Tiger trout are also a very attractive quarry for anglers. Tigers tend to lay deep near the bottom, ready to ambush passing food. They are extremely explosive and once hooked pack a fight worthy of a much larger fish.

As Bank House is only shallow, dries have proven to be a good method to catch tiger trout. This is because near bottom they have a large window of vision allowing them to scan large areas of the water’s surface. Buzzers fished in open water are a great tactic to intercept cruising rainbows on their continual quest for food. Brownies are territorial. They reside in a chosen haunt often in the deep water under over hanging vegetation tight into the islands. Fry patterns fished along these margins is a great method to tempt them, but improve your chances be sure to keep on the move and hunt them down. In my experience blue trout are more aggressive than their rainbow twins and are susceptible to a taunting lure worked through the open water. Why not try and catch all four species in one day and complete the Bank House McNab. So far Ian Stanworth and Colin Gibbons are the two anglers to achieve this accolade. Please remember that our water circulation system keeps us largely ice free when many other waters are frozen. Tight lines Ben & Charlotte Dobson