Bank House Fly Fishery Dec Sat 17th to Wed 21st

DATE                                           DEC SAT 17TH – DEC WED 21ST                 Report by Ben Dobson
BEST CATCH                               17 TROUT FOR DAVID HARRISON FROM LYTHAM
BEST BAG                                    14LBS 8OZ (4 FISH) TO IAN STANWORTH FROM BLACKPOOL
BEST BROWN                              4LBS KARL WRIGHT FROM LIVERPOOL
BEST BLUE                                  5LBS NEIL PATTISON FROM LANCASTER
BEST TIGER                                2LBS 8OZ IAN STANWORTH
ROD AVERAGE                         5.13 FISH PER MAN
SPORT: It’s been a fantastic few days at Bank House. Warwick Alabaster caught and returned a cracking 18lb rainbow from the Mill Pool. Warwick caught this fish on an egg fly fished statically under the bung. After determined battle the monster fish was quickly weighed, photographed and returned to fight another day. Ian Stanworth became the first angler to complete the Bank House McNab. Ian landed a rainbow, a brown, a blue and a tiger trout as part of his 8 fish catch and what was the pattern that tempted all four types of trout? It was of course the ever consistent Cat’s Whisker. Ian found the best tactic was to keep on the move and cover lots of water. Lots of other anglers did manage to catch three of the four types, but up until now Ian’s is the only one to get all four. Good Angling. David Harrison had a great day on Wednesday he caught a whopping 17 trout the best of which tipped the scales to 10lbs. David took the first 11 fish on white buzzers fished under the bung but then things quietened down. After fishing for a time with little action David stumbled across another killer method. He was stripping back to recast when a large trout bow waved after his bung. He quickly switched his set up to a single fly on a floating line and started to strip it back quickly just under the surface. He got his last 6 fish in just 30 minutes. This mild weather is likely to produce much more of this type of sport as the fish move up in the water and become more active. Karl Wright also had bumper catch with 13 trout to the net. His catch included a 4lb 8oz rainbow, a 4lb brownie and a 3lb blue. Most of his fish came to an egg fly fished near a submerged birch tree that has blown over into the top of the lake. The average weight of the trout taken is still really high at 3lbs 2oz and this average doesn’t include the returned doubles. The best patterns have been damsels, eggs, black lures, and buzzers. We hope to see you over the Christmas period but if not have a very happy one. Tight Lines Ben and Charlotte