Bank House Fly Fishery 21st to 28th

Date:                                              August 21st to August 28th
Report Author:                         Ben
Best Catch:                                15 trout for Gordon Swaine
Heaviest Bag:                            4 trout for 11lbs 12oz to Bob Levey
Best Rainbow:                           7lbs Gordon Swaine
Best Brownie:                          12lbs Mike Hobman
Best Blue:                                    4lbs Gordon Swaine
Bank Rod Av:                            3.52 trout per man
Sport: The water has cooled down slightly over the past week and the fishing has livened up. We have seen many good catches the top three were Gordon Swaine from Stanley in County Durham with 14 trout, David Harrison from St Annes with 11 trout and Norman Chapman with 12 trout. Included in Gordon’s 14 fish haul were rainbows to 7lb, blues to 4lbs and browns to 5lbs. He caught this great bag of fish whilst competing in the Aiflo Classic on Saturday 28th. His best methods were bloodworms and yellow eggs under a bung. David Harrison was not competition fishing when he caught his 11 trout. David moved around the lake with a small white buzzer presented under a bung.  Norman caught his 12 on buzzers, eggs and small black nymphs fished static.
We saw two more big browns caught and both were safely returned to fight another day. The first weighed 9lbs and was caught by Mr F Murray from Chorley on a Black JC Diawl Back whilst fishing from the island. The second was caught from the same area by Mike Hobman this was a cracking fish of 12lbs and fell to an egg fly fished static.
As previously mentioned on Saturday we hosted a heat of the Airflo Classic. Only one of the three teams competing could go through to the final. That team was The Midgeliners from the Northeast who between them caught 16 trout. Three individuals also qualified in first place was Barry Hutchinson with 7 trout. He caught most of his fish white n green tinnys (tin head eggs). In second place was Mike Hobman with 6 trout and in third place was Graham Bell who also landed 6 fish.
Although I have mentioned eggs quite a lot there are many other methods working well. Other great methods were dries, of which daddies, klinks and CdCs produced great catches and another was traditonal wets with Bibios and Kate McClarens scoring well. Tight Lines Ben