Bank House Fly Fishery: Thursday 29th July to Wednesday 4th August

Date:                             Thursday July 29th to Wednesday August 4th
Best Catch:                 14 trout for Dave Butcher
Best Rainbow:          15lbs Dennis Tallentire
Best Brown:              10lbs Dave Butcher
Best Blue:                    6lbs 8oz Roger Preston
Rod Average:        2.5 fish per man
Sport: There are some cracking trout coming out of Bank House at the moment. There are lots of blues around the 3 to 4lb mark, browns into double figures and some colossal rainbows. The water is teaming with life, caddis larva, damsels, buzzers, corixa, fresh water shrimps not to mention the shoals sticklebacks.  The trout are spoilt for choice and this has made the fishing quite testing at times but the fish are feeding, its often just a matter of getting your flies noticed. Brightly coloured buzzers like hokey dokeys or small red holographic diawl bachs have scored well. The best catch went to Dave Butcher who took 14 trout. His bag included rainbows, blues and browns, the best of which tipped the scales to 10lbs. Dave found that a black beetle twitched fast through the surface was enough to tempt the trout off the buzzers that they were feeding on. Ken Whiteside had a very productive half day session. Dave caught 7 trout two of which were double figure rainbows he lost a third double at the net. Ken found a black and green lure his most successful pattern. Farther and son duo Roger and Alex Preston took 9 trout on okey dokeys they had blues to 6lb 8oz and rainbows to 4lbs. Bank House is well worth a visit at the moment. Tight Lines Ben